Heart and Soul

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Ok, I know that there are a million and one earth shattering issues out there to be concerned about. And I realize that if I waste my brain cells on useless trivia I might very well deaden them permanently.

But I gotta tell you, I am fascinated with the red-hot love affair going on in full-blown paparazzi flash bulb passion between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

I’ve never been an overly devoted Cruise fan, although Top Gun, Cocktail, A Few Good Men and The Firm are some excellent films of his that I’ve enjoyed. As for Ms. Holmes, I didn’t even know the Dawson Creek star existed before the term "TomKat" was cleverly coined by sound bite media types.

So I’m wondering exactly why I’ve become bewitched with this hot and heavy romance that is flooding across televisions, newspapers and magazines around the world?

Perhaps it’s that I’m attracted to Tom Cruise, and secretly wish that he would leap frog from Oprah’s couch in public proclamation of his love for me?

No way…..I’m almost five feet ten inches tall and that height thing would drive me crazy. Although I must admit the idea of a guy buying me a three carat diamond and proposing at the top of the Eiffel Tower at 4 am in the morning after a romantic night on the town does hold a certain appeal.

Maybe I’m jealous of Katie Holmes, wishing once more to be young, thin, and hormonally in love?

Again, a big no thank-you. Every time I see Ms. Holmes silently fawning over her husband to be, I imagine her future shock as she one day outgrows her long held teenage dream of marrying Tom Cruise and wakes up to the reality of an old guy snoring in the bed next to her….an inevitable reality far removed from the hunky Hollywood posters she once taped to her bedroom walls.

Then again, maybe it’s all about the hype and hysteria surrounding their convenient coupling in conjunction with their individual blockbuster summer movies Batman and War of the Worlds?

Nah. These two may be a lot of things, but neither one appears to be a studio pawn type willing to carry out an elaborate charade just to sell a movie.

Could it possibly be all about the wonderful world of two people meeting and falling madly, deeply, passionately in love that has hooked my romantic heart and soul?

Not a chance. While some may consider this to be the love affair of the century, in my book it doesn’t come close to measuring up to Edward and Wallace, Hepburn and Tracy, or even Rhett and Scarlett for that matter.

So what is it?

I really am at a loss to understand why in the last few weeks I have taken to watching every Hollywood Access, Insider, ET, late night gossip show for Tomkat updates. Or why when I go to the supermarket I direct other shoppers ahead of me in the check out line, so I can scan the tabloids for my darling duo’s latest lip locked photos.

It’s gotten so bad I’m worried that I’m developing some type of addiction. Which brings up a whole new problem. Based on Cruise’s marital track record, I know that I only have between 3 and 10 years to cure my insatiable Tomkat mania.

But then again, maybe Bran and Jen will reunite soon and give me a reason to refocus.

Hey, a girl can dream can't she?
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