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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Spring has finally arrived and summer is on the way. Here in the Western Region of New York State, that exciting bit of seasonal news means we New Yorkers are almost out of comfy, oversized, concealing winter wear and, soon, will be doing our best to wriggle into summer shorts, sleeveless tops and, dare I say it, bathing suits.

Personally, every year about this time, I go through the same painfully repetitive process. I get foolishly lulled into a false sense of fat security by long winter skirts and bulky sweaters, all of which ably convince me that I am as slim and svelte as Jennifer Anniston.

Then, the thaw hits.

Winter and wool are suddenly supplanted by spring and skin, wherein my Jennifer Anniston body is flabbily revealed as something more akin to a "pre-Trim Spa" Anna Nicole Smith. Accordingly along about April Fool’s Day I launch into my traditional "gotta loose ten-pounds" panic plan which calls for healthy food, regular workouts, and absolutely no chocolate, no fudge sauce, and/or no ice cream within three miles of my personal radius.

In discussing my annual winter weight woes with family and friends, I have come to realize that I am not alone in my springtime fat blasting routine. In fact, lately it seems as if even the media is evangelizing the need for Americans of all ages to trim down and lighten up.

Which makes me wonder, if most Americans need to take off a pound or ten, why is it that Burger King has just come out with a new breakfast sandwich weighing in at 700 plus calories (400 of which are fat) and 1860 mgs of cholesterol? Or that Hardee’s Hamburgers has given birth to a Monster Thickburger offering a calorie count of 1,417? Or that Pizza Hut recently began satiating our appetites with a Full House XL Pizza with calories too high to even imagine?

When asked about their role in cultivating America’s fat laden bodies, these fast food denizens simply turn the pointed finger around at we, their accusers, and unequivocally state, "It’s what the consumer wants."

So I guess the question, at this point, is how much fat will we Americans tolerate and ingest before the light dawns? How widely will heart attack and stroke statistics engulf our nation before we decide to put strong bodies before super sizing, and healthy eating habits before over-the-top, fat laden foods?

Personally, I’m fully aware that my extra winter weight is driving up my blood pressure and taxing my aging joints. As a result I have responsibly committed to exercising more, modifying my eating habits, and controlling my serving portions, year round. I know it’s important, I know it’s life saving, and I know it has to become a way of life.

I also know that as long as there’s a Reese’s peanut butter cup left on the face of this earth to consume, "healthy eating" will be a very relative term in my life!
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