Heart and Soul

Wednesday, January 05, 2005



As I fell into bed exhausted from a Christmas Day chock full of holiday traditions and loved ones, I was oblivious to the tragedy.

As I spent the day after Christmas enjoying a winter sleigh ride with family and friends, I was far removed from the devastation.

As I awoke the next day in my cozy, down-covered bed, I gradually become aware of the horrific natural disaster that had completely decimated areas of Southern Asia, India, and Africa.

As I enjoyed a post holiday drink by a blazing, crackling fire, I reviewed newspaper details of the underwater earthquake and imagined the unimaginable terror of the relentless wall of water.

As I listened to a variety of CDs received as Christmas gifts I read through e-mails detailing worldwide rescue efforts and the great need for donations.

As I prepared meals from the wealth of delicious leftovers from my family’s holiday celebrations I listened in shock to the initial estimates of more than 20,000 people killed.

As I held my precious grandson I heard radio reports of the death toll rising to triple the initial estimate, with assurances of many more yet to come.

As I made plans with my husband to celebrate the beginning of the New Year, I was stunned by televised images of fabric wrapped bodies, bull dozed graves, and mass burials.

As I sat down to write, I pondered the tragic events wrought by the exotically named Tsunami and fully realized that no matter the occurrence, life continues on, without any regard.

As I electronically corresponded with family and friends in an attempt to fully grasp the magnitude of the overall death and destruction, I did so with a devastated mindset that such an occurrence could destroy so much and so many in less time than it took to send one e-mail.

As I fall asleep in the days and weeks to come I will assuredly whisper a prayer for those whose lives were instantaneously terminated by this powerful force of nature as well as for those who so tragically have been left behind.

As I awake safe and sound each morning next to my loving husband I know I will do so with a greater appreciation the glory of my life, each and everyday.

As I continue on in my daily routine, untouched, while fellow members of the human race suffer the ravages of this unbelievable natural disaster, I will give thanks for my great good fortune….and with a discerning sense of unease…I will continue to wonder why.

Welcome to Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul is a light hearted, often touching commentary focused on life, family, friends, career, religion, love, sports, culture and of course, the sustaining element of chocolate, as told from the perspective of a third generation Irish-American woman. Author Christina Abt states that her wish for all who read her Heart and Soul essays is that they will be moved to laugh, cry, discuss, debate, reminisce, and, most of all, connect.

Abt, currently resides in the bucolic countryside town of Eden, New York (just outside of Buffalo.) She has also lived in major metropolitan areas such as New Midland Park, Jersey (outside of New York City), Toronto, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Professionally, Abt practices her writing craft as a newspaper columnist and regular contributor to her hometown NPR Radio Station, WBFO. Her essays have appeared in a number of Chicken Soup for the Soul Books and a variety of national magazine publications as well.

In addition to her writing career, Abt has enjoyed a variety of colorful life experiences working as a restaurant manager, a horse trainer/breeder, an aerobics instructor, a newspaper editor, an office manager, a government media specialist, and a free lance PR representative. All of which, when blended with her thirty-three career as a mom, combine to formulate the unique perspective she presents in her Heart and Soul columns.

So kick back, relax and read on. No matter your interests or your views…you are sure to enjoy sharing Christina’s Heart and Soul.

Heart and Soul Author Christina M. Abt
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